About the Legal Bulletin Working Group

To facilitate the overall process of preparing this bulletin, the Sala Traju Association has set up a core working group to implement the project, which consists of the following components:

Scientific Council:

  • Provide advice upon request regarding the production of this legal bulletin.
  • Participate in reviewing the consistency of publications 
  • Participate in examining the quality and scientific features of published works

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of the following:

  • H.E. Ty Janith, Director
  • Mr. Chork Sambath, Deputy Director in charge of Private Law
  • H.E. Phal Pisal, Deputy Director in charge of Public Law

The Board of Directors has the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Provide strategic direction and overall project implementation monitoring
  • Conduct general coordination with the assistance of the Coordinators and Secretariat.


The coordinators consist of the following:

Section 1, “Public Law”, consists of the following:

  • Dr. Chhak Lim Chheang
  • Dr. Long Sarapech
  • Ms. Dani Chanrasmey Chhoukrath
  • Ms. Im Chanbormey
  • Mr. Ros Sayamphu
Section 2, “Private Law”, consists of the following:
  • Ms. Nou Chan Sokunthea
  • Ms. Veng Muyky
  • Mr. Phon Vanna
  • Dr. Moeng Sokvisal
  • Mr. Tep Khun Chhay
  • Mr. Troak Trungsambo

The coordinators have the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the installation of bulletins through quality verification
  • Participate in designing the entire format of the bulletin to maintain consistency of format and content
  • Liaise with authors to promote project implementation by the pre-planned schedule.
  • Lead the administration, publishing and marketing teams and other teams.

Human Resources and Finance Administration

  • Coordinate the administration of human resources, letters and emails
  • Coordinate financial work and expenses
  • Facilitate cooperation, sponsorship and support.


  • Facilitate communication work
  • Facilitate the work of managing the list of teams and participants.
  • Facilitate the design and design of the entire bulletin form to maintain consistency of forms.

Outreach Team

  • Facilitate outreach work
  • Facilitate the sale of bulletin.