Bulletin Administratif du Cambodge (French Colonial Period)

The initial edition of Bulletin Administratif du Cambodge was compiled and prepared by the French Protectorate Administration in 1884. At that time, France assisted in the preparation and compilation of an extensive array of administrative documents and regulations about the governance of the territories under its dominion. The Traju working group has reorganised and compiled the soft copy of the documents to facilitate legal scholars and students in their research. The originals are situated in France, while the majority of the original documents are kept in the National Archives near Wat Phnom. Given that every regulation is written in French, the team will try to provide free translations of the essential and valuable content.

The working group comprises H.E. Phal Pisal, Mr. Horn Puthyvuth and others.

ព្រឹត្តិបត្ររដ្ឋបាលកម្ពុជា ពីឆ្នាំ១៨៨៥ ដល់ឆ្នាំ ១៩៤៩ / Bulletin Administratif du Cambodge 1885-1949

លេខ ៦

លេខ ៨

លេខ ៩

លេខ ១០

លេខ ១១

លេខ ១២

លេខ ១៣

លេខ ១៤

លេខ ១៥

លេខ ១៦

លេខ ១៧

លេខ ១៨

លេខ ២០

លេខ ២១

លេខ ២២

លេខ ២៣

លេខ ២៤

លេខ ២៤

លេខ ២៥

លេខ ២៧

លេខ ៣០

លេខ ៣១

លេខ ៣៦

លេខ ៣៩

លេខ ៤៥

លេខ ៤៦

លេខ ២៤

លេខ ២៤

លេខ ២៤

លេខ ២៤