About Traju Law Bulletin

Traju Law Bulletin is a semestrial bulletin that is organized for the following purposes and objectives:

  • promote scientific and comprehensive legal research
  • expand and promote the development of legal, judicial and related fields to be prosperous
  • promote the culture of legal research in Cambodia by publishing research papers every semester.

Note: Due to inconsistencies in using specific legal and technical terms in the Khmer language, the authors and the association reserve the right to unofficially translate and define those technical terms that should be included in the following interpretation. All ideas and opinions in the bulletin do not reflect the views of the Sala Traju Association or the institution the author is practising. In preparing and compiling this legal bulletin, the Sala Traju Association would like to prioritize articles or writings in Khmer in the first order, including articles in international law followed by foreign languages. In particular, to encourage and promote our interns’ research, we would also like to include the best graduate research articles that are led by instructors and evaluated by the grading committee in each training session and generation.

© All rights reserved by the Sala Traju Association: All reproduction or utilization of this work, in whole or in part, is prohibited without the written permission of the Sala Traju Association.