Inauguration Ceremony of Sala Traju Law Bulletin No. 5 and Special Presentation

In remarks and discussions at the “Inauguration Ceremony of Sala Traju Law Bulletin No. 5 and Special Presentation” on November 25, 2023, 7th Floor, Phnom Penh International University, the Presiding Board, Honorary Speakers, and Participants all emphasised the essential role of reading and writing, producing legal research articles and related articles for the long-term benefit of making an indispensable contribution to the progress and prosperity of Cambodian rule of law. Traju Law Bulletin is one of the results that contributed to this vision.

The 4-hour presentation was presided over by His Excellency Ty Janith, Chairman of the Sala Traju Legal Executive Committee, His Excellency Dr. Chhay Hok Pheng, Member of Sala Traju Scientific Council and Deputy Chairman of the Legal and Justice Council, Lok Chumteav Tep Kolap, Rector of Phnom Penh International University, and distinguished guests, His Excellency Secretary of State, Undersecretary of State, as well as His Excellency Lok Chumteav, Judges, Prosecutors, Lawyers, Ladies and Gentlemen representative of sponsoring institutions, partners, authors contributing to the Traju Law Bulletin, members of the Sala Traju Association, law students of Phnom Penh International University, and the general public.

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